Above ground pools

Above ground pools in the garden or on the terrace

We would like the summer season it never ended up enjoying the sun, the heat, long days and the pleasure of spending time outdoors, preferably in contact with nature. The best would be to be able to cool off in relaxation away from crowded and crowded municipal swimming pools, especially on weekends.

Who has a garden but also one Terrace and dreams of installing one outside pool private custom above ground you are really spoiled for choice among the available models.

We know they exist above ground pools for all pockets, from inflatables for children to more structured ones and also with more generous dimensions designed forseasonal installation in the green and suitable for hosting adults.

There are also outdoor hydromassage pools, including inflatable ones, variants that vary in shapes and materials or of course the cost is also very different depending on the proposal.

Who intends to make an investment and increase the livability also outside of their independent home, in city as in big o in mountain, can evaluate a swimming pool fixed above ground, perhaps of design, with a well-kept and updated aesthetic and really made tailored.

Models of outdoor garden pools above ground

Let’s start with one classic swimming poolwhich is characterized by technology, quality and elegance as the model of swimming pool not inground but above ground Sweet life of Laghetto pools.

This above ground pool suitable for fun and relaxation in the family, it is versatile, has an easy and quick assembly and can also be installed only for the summer. There safety is one of the aspects on which we focus, thanks to the recirculation and filtration to ensure hygiene e purity water.

Above ground pool Dolcevita by Piscine Laghetto
There is also room for customization, choosing one of the three versions of this model Diva, Rattan e Woody.

The steel structure is common, while the tub is lined with polyester fibers and highly resistant polymers too anti UV which keep the coating as new over time. In addition the Dolcevita swimming pool has standard spotlights for led lighting, exclusive water filtration and access ladder. The swimming pool can then be equipped with additional components such as the heat pump to heat the water, the swimming system against the current and the cover sheet.

Above ground transparent infinity pool

Who is looking for one scenic swimming pool for their own home, without renouncing the convenience of the above-ground, they can take into consideration the exclusivity infinity pool in methacrylate Crystal with Cascade board of Castiglione pools.

Luxury e transparency are the pluses of this dream pool that combines innovation, design and tightness and resistance to wear and tear over time.

Methacrylate, aesthetically very similar to transparent glasshowever, it is more flexible and suitable for specific use for the swimming pool because it is easier to install and lighter and does not absorb humidity.

The aesthetic result is spectacular in the name of modernity: the above ground pool it is so transparent and very contemporary. The waterfall effect edge is the other gem of the piscina Crystal which can be customized as desired.

Above ground pools customizable and design

The market for fuoriterra pool has been enriched with possibilities, new models and great customization, to best adapt to various urban or holiday contexts from both a practical and aesthetic point of view.

The pool above ground garden of Aquazzurra combine aesthetics of the in-ground pools and functionality, focusing on a construction technique that has nothing to envy to the much more expensive systems of the underground pools.

This allows to obtain excellent results in the name of style but also to contain i costs related to pose and implementation.

Other advantages are shorter construction times, leaner bureaucracy and a great possibility to vary without having to embark on a fixed underground structure. The installation of a rigid outdoor pool above ground is the best way to raise the quality and aesthetic impact of a home that has one green space more or less large. The above ground pools of Acquazzurra are coated in wood and equipped to enjoy maximum well-being and relaxation.

Each project is unique and tailored: the pool is designed directly in the garden space, modeling it to the centimeter.

The installation of these pools is also feasible on land with aquifers or linked to landscape constraints. Despite quality and solidity, swimming pools can be assembled, dismounted e reassembled with great ease and safety.

Long-term projects are also carried out and swimming pools installed quickly, even for a few days. Everyone can choose their favorite wood among painted fir, Nordic pine impregnated in an autoclave, larch Siberian The exotic wood of IPE combined with Wpc, composite wood.

Maintenance is done only once a year. On the Acquazzurra website you can proceed with the configuration of the above ground outdoor swimming pool, also for large outdoor pools.

Another innovative and highly effective proposal is the SpaSpace by La Veneta Forme srl, customizable swimming pool invisible technology and strongly enriched by a mix of lights and colors.
The above ground swimming pool SpaSpace is designed for installation in Terrace, without sacrificing security and stability. The swimming pool adapts to be inserted in the most varied contexts.

The polystyrene It is the material used for all the pool furnishings in the various combinations with finishes of your choice such as paints, resins, mosaics or even tiles that may perhaps recall the style and colors of the terrace cladding. The tub can be equipped with stile it’s the sun loungers fixed that can be inserted as furniture for the pool.
On the website it is possible to configure the chosen version and view the price of the item.

SpaSpace terrace pool by La Veneta Forme srl
Finally, we also report the possibility of contacting Semplicementepiscina.it to have one in a few days private swimming pool available in the home garden. The above ground luxury pools do not need to be installed excavation, nor of jetty concrete and therefore not even expensive building works.

The swimming pool is set and integrated into the context and can be customized inside the pool, it can also be equipped with a barrier to secure children when entering the pool. Experts offer on-site advice to suggest the most suitable solution. To get an idea of ​​the possibilities, a good idea, as in other cases, is to view the achievements already made.