ECG en el Apple Watch Series 6

The popular medium AppleInsider and other specialized media in the Apple world show the news that we are going to share with all of you and that is Apple Watch again appears as the protagonist after an irregular heart rhythm measurement.

In this case it is an Apple Watch SE. It seems that its owner Diane Feenstra, who resides in Michigan, United States, realized that the clock registered a heart rate much higher than normal and at that moment he decided to go to the emergency room …

169 beats heart rate

It is evident that in many cases it is not necessary to have an Apple Watch to notice that something is not going well in our body, you can feel dizzy, you can even sometimes notice the heartbeat, the human body is spectacular in this sense but having the Apple Watch all this it becomes much easier and it is recorded that it is very important. In this case the watch detected a heart rate of 169 beats per minute, which led Feenstra to think that he was having a heart attack and decided to go directly to the nearest hospital.

Once in the hospital, they carried out the relevant tests and a problem was detected in a vital artery. At this point, the most important thing is to go to our doctor, so the user of the Apple Watch is to say that she saved her life thanks to the device and logically to her intuition. The doctors managed to save her life thanks to the quick action of the woman and her husband who did not hesitate for a second to take her to the hospital upon detection of that unusual heart rate from your Apple Watch.