A week Before Being Detained, Vicky Prasetyo Is Not Concentrated to Live Filming

Suara.com – Raffi Ahmad saw an unusual sign against Vicky Prasetyo a week before being arrested. According to Raffi, Vicky seemed not to concentrate on the shoot.

As is known, Raffi Amad and Vicky Prasetyo have a program together on the program Okay Bos that airs on Trans7.

“And in fact the last three weeks at Okay Bos, Vicky has been less concerned,” said Raffi Ahmad, when met in the Captain P Tendean Street, South Jakarta, Tuesday (07/08/2020) night.

Then a few days before being arrested, Vicky Prasetyo came to Raffi Ahmad’s house. Vicky said she wanted to confide in Nagita Slavina’s husband.

“Then last week he suddenly came to my house at night, saying ‘Fi I want to confide in on your YouTube’. Yes, I just made a podcast like that,” said Raffi Ahmad.

When meeting, Vicky Prasetyo then showed a summons from the police.

“Initially in my mind the usual podcast, chatting with jokes like that. Then suddenly he gave me a summons from the police. I was shocked right. Well there he told me and expressed his heart there,” said Raffi Ahmad.

Raffi Ahmad | [Instagram]
Raffi Ahmad | [Instagram]

Initially Raffi Ahmad did not want to air his podcast with Vicky Prasetyo because he felt uneasy.

“But he said it was okay if it was in my heart’s content. Let others know that,” explained Raffi Ahmad.

Raffi Ahmad also hopes that the Vicky Prasetyo case will be finished quickly. Yes, I’m sure Vicky will be able to pass this ordeal. “Yes, the point is I pray for him to be strong, but I’m sure he is strong,” said Raffi Ahmad.