A trading kiosk in Slings established without an auction was urgently taken out

Recall that the object was installed without an auction, which is illegal and against the rules of self-government. Entrepreneurs did not have time to start trading.

It is noteworthy that this kiosk appeared literally immediately after the vice-mayor Janis Lachplesis He began to be responsible for the real estate sector in the City Duma, which includes the sale, acquisition, rental, management and management of municipal property.

After the installation of the trading place, the Gorod.lv editors unsuccessfully tried to contact J. Lacplesis by phone.

Recall that after a change in the leadership of the city and the election of a new mayor, which became Igor Prelatov, the following issues are in the deputy’s area of ​​responsibility:

  1. real estate tax administration;

  2. assistance in housing matters;

  3. representation in the Latgale planning region;

  4. sale, acquisition, rental, management and management of municipal property;

  5. social sphere.

At the moment, the place in the slings is empty, the editorial staff continues to monitor this topic and hopes to receive answers from the new leadership of the city, which we will certainly inform our readers!