A soundtrack for the Vatican Chapels

After the forced break due to the lockdown, the Vatican Chapels on the island of San Giorgio in Venice reopen to the public. And for the occasion a special initiative was conceived, a soundtrack of 11 tracks composed specifically for each of the architectures from Antonio Fresa, musician and composer known for soundtracks made for cinema and TV.

The idea of ​​creating the Vatican Chapels soundtrack was born from the vision of Ilaria D’Uva, the Florentine entrepreneur who with D’Uva – her company, operating since 1959 in the development of museum technologies and services in Italy – manages the guided visits to the Giorgio Cini Foundation and in the woods with the Vatican Chapels and is also responsible for opening the San Giorgio Café with Filippo La Mantia, the island’s bistro.

The Borges labyrinth at the Cini Foundation in an aerial view

The music project will be available in the audio guide made for visitors, but it is also published on all digital platforms streaming and downloads. Visits are possible every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 19, by booking on the new website www.visitcini.com, where it will be possible to choose different routes, including an unpublished one which provides for the first time the possibility to access the Borges Labyrinth.

And the soundtrack was also linked to the San Giorgio Café, where he menu, renewed, it was inspired by the soundtrack of the Vatican Chapels, both for the dishes and for the cocktails, to offer amultisensory experience to visitors of the Cini Foundation.

Antonio Fresa_7756.  EDT

A portrait of Antonio Fresa – Photo Giuseppe Bifulco