A police car rushing to report collided with a wild boar on the 8th kilometer of Highway 89 on November 8th. No personal injury occurred during the incident, wrote Police Major Seffer Lilla 112press answering your question.

There is no information on whether the wild boar survived the wading, but the siren did not appear to have alerted him off the road, or it just bothered him and so he jumped out in front of the car. There have been several wild races on Highway 89 recently.

During this period, however, it is not only wild boars that pose a danger on the roads, as the mating season for deer begins in September and lasts until the end of November. During the roaring period of the bulls, the animals are much more active, their sense of danger decreases, they “neither see nor hear”, so they can easily run out on the road. The movement of deer usually slows down during the windy period, but they are more agile at dusk and in cold weather.