“A real man falls in love with what others can’t see in a woman”

Yes, we want to be loved, but most of all we want to be loved. To truly love, in depth, unconditionally and asterisks from honest and dumb people. From men who know what they want from their lives and why they are with us. That they can see deep inside us, beyond our appearance and what fascinated them at first sight and recognize all those who are looking and worth fighting to have. And they know very well that if they get them, they will have to appreciate them so they don’t lose them.

We want such men to love us and not men like the ones described in the following post, which we read on the fb page of psychologist Maria Aivazidou:

“If you are attracted to a woman by the size of her breasts, her waist or her hips, you are wrong.

If what you value most in her are the features of her face, the color of her eyes, the length of her legs, or how you look at her in a mini skirt, you are wrong.

A woman is her behavior, the way you look into her eyes who you are, the way she treats and looks at you, her laughter and her silences.

Woman is her intelligence, her rebellion, her insides, her generosity, her ability to do several things at once, your mania.

The best thing about a woman is not her wrapping, it’s what is inside her: Her humor, her looks, her bravery, her way of thinking…

A real man, a smart man, falls in love with what others can’t see…

The real man can really see what others don’t even imagine exists and that’s why couples who are first and foremost friends and real partners get a prize, and that’s called HAPPINESS.

But you lose it…

You have to be so stupid to resort to someone else who gave you a more beautiful smile.

And you wonder why you lose it?

You lose her when she gives you dawn in her eyes and you make her days gray.

You lose it when it turns into a rainbow by simply painting your world and giving it indifference in return.

You lose it when it still fills you with details and you lie to it in return.

You lose it when he expects a phone call or a message from you, and you write to someone else.

You lose it when it seeks to embrace it and you use it physically.

You lose it when he still sees you with admiration and you see it as the one that forbids your freedom.

You lose her; because only you, you don’t deserve someone like her. You lose it… »