A passerby kicked a dog – Now he will have to pay 30,000 euros – different

Our country ranks first in Europe with high rates of animal abuse. However, although the fines are “heavy”, the important thing is to identify the culprits. In the following case, what should have been done was done.

According to fonirodopis.gr, the excerpt from a security camera recorded by a man a few days ago kicking a quiet stray dog ​​that was lying on the sidewalk, reached the hands of the police, after a complaint by the president of the Animal Welfare of Komotini, Panagiotis Gousdou.

Unconscious, he kicks a stray outside a cafe-bar in Komotini

Animal abuse late on Monday night, June 29, in Komotini. In a video from a security camera of a cafe-bar store, published by the president of FILOZOIKI KOMOTINIS Panagiotis Goudousidis, an unconscious person is photographed kicking a carefree stray dog ​​that is simply lying in the police station. Komotini for the incident. We remind you that in a similar case in May 2019 in Mytilene, where a candidate for then municipal councilor had kicked a stray dog, a fine of 30,000 euros was confirmed.

Posted by VOICE OF RHODOPE on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The perpetrator was identified by the Hellenic Police. and was prosecuted, as well as a fine of 30,000 euros. The perpetrator will be brought to justice, but in the event of his acquittal by the criminal courts, the fine will be revoked.

Panagiotis Goudousidis thanked the Police Authorities and warned that no case of animal abuse in Komotini will go unpunished. In addition, he stressed that the investigations to locate the perpetrator who recently threw nests in the area of ​​Tsanaklion School and killed 3 dogs, are in good condition.