a novelty that will not get bored – LUXURYMAG

The dress created by the collaboration of a fashion designer with the winner of the MasterChef Czech culinary competition – it sounds a little strange, doesn’t it? But this dress became a hit, which sold out in an incredible 48 hours. And so the one – off cooperation suddenly turned into limited edition dress Upgrade KNPB and also a new friendship.

Pavel Berky and a cook

You are probably wondering what is behind this unusual success and how it all started with a dress inspired by gastronomy. “Kristína came to me with a request to create a non-traditional fashion piece tailored, with which she could present herself in her tastings, lectures or presentations. She wanted to reflect her love of cooking in her dress and at the same time feel good outside the kitchen. It was a big challenge for me, but I like you, so I went for it. “ describes the beginning of the collaboration with Pavel Berky. Kristína was then so excited about the dress that she and the designer decided to put it on sale in a limited number of 20 pieces.

Comfortable, trendy and black

Kristína had relatively clear requirements regarding dresses from the beginning. She demanded that they be comfortable, casual, and that they reflect both current trends and elements of gastronomy that is close to her. At the same time, they had to be creased and the color, the cook’s favorite black, was clearly given. “I needed a comfortable and practical dress that would match my great passion, cooking. I already knew Pavel’s work, so I didn’t go completely into the unknown, but the result exceeded all my expectations. I’m excited about the dress and I left in it right at the first conference that was waiting for me, “ Kristina is smiling. With his design, Pavel Berky more than hit Kristín’s taste, and her sporty elegant dress with large pockets and a long belt thrilled her. That is why we can look forward to another limited edition in the future Pavel Berky x Kristina Nemckova!

Photo: Pavel Berky