This unusual vehicle, with a nose most like a dog’s head, is a combination of a car and a submarine, true only in appearance, because the amphibian was said to never be able to submerge underwater, even though that was the original plan.

Unfortunately, very little information about him has survived for posterity, but this much is known SS Autoliner named after and produced in 1950. Its creator, Karl Mönch from Berlin, made the statement that one day he would be able to cross the ocean with the vehicle.

Mysterious car with which they wanted to cross the ocean 1

The small cabin had several round window openings, which made the car really look like a submarine. The elongated body was driven on land with four thin tires, and front and rear wing-like fins aided water transport.

Whether Mönch managed to sail across the ocean has not been revealed, but probably not, because then the vehicle and its owner would have received more publicity.