Between July 2018 and January 2021, the man from Nagykőrös visited his acquaintances in Kecskemét, Nagykőrös, Szolnok and the surrounding settlements. He offered them a favorable investment opportunity, which consisted of buying a car abroad at a good price and importing it into Hungary. He will sell the cars at a higher price after placing them on the market at home, and he will share the profits with his friends in addition to returning the borrowed amounts.

According to the indictment of the Kecskemét District Prosecutor’s Office, the accused briefly asked the victims for various sums. The smallest loan was half a million and the highest was HUF 12 million. In reality, however, there was no question of an investment: the accused was in debt and used the money to pay off his debts. The fraudster knew in advance that he would not repay the money he had received, damaging twenty victims in this way.

The man in custody is charged with the crime of twenty orders of business-like fraud and the use of false private documents. The prosecutor proposed that the defendant be sentenced to prison.