Current defender for French Lyon and former member of Bayern Munich Jerome Boateng was due to a physical assault on an ex-partner Sherin S., with whom he has twin daughters, found in a court in Munich. He was charged with the felony of causing grievous bodily harm and was facing a five-year prison sentence.

He is expected to fly over his partner in July 2018 during a vacation in the Caribbean. According to the indictment, he allegedly beat her, bit her in the head, threw her to the ground and insulted her. Boateng denied the allegations throughout, and presented his side of the story in court. He admitted that there was an argument during the card game, but that in reality Sherin attacked him, hit him and injured his lip. He then pushed her away, causing her to fall. The court did not believe him and found him guilty. He escaped imprisonment, but will have to pay 1.8 million euros in compensation to his former partner.