A former German international congratulates Timo Werner for choosing to go to Chelsea, to the detriment of Liverpool: “It’s the best thing for him!”

Michael Ballack (43 de years), former great German midfielder, congratulates Timo Werner (24 years old) for choosing to sign with Chelsea, although he was also wanted by the English champion, FC Liverpool.

Chelsea paid 53 million euros this summer to RB Leipzig to transfer Timo Werner.

Michael Ballack Congratulations to Timo Werner for choosing to go to Chelsea

The former great German footballer claims that if Timo Werner he would have signed with Liverpool, he would not have played for the English club. In addition, he says it is an extraordinary thing that Werner will be the striker of a team the size of Chelsea.

“If Liverpool was really an option for him, he made the best decision, only he can make that decision. Liverpool have won the Champions League and Premier League. How could Timo be expected to enter between the three and start each week in place of Salah, Firmino or Mane?

Chelsea is building a young team, a new team, with a young coach. It’s a good project.

Being a striker at a club as big as Chelsea is the best thing for him. It will have a bigger impact than it could have had in Liverpool. “, Ballack said, quoted by Daily Mail.

Timo Werner, happy to have become Chelsea’s player

“I am happy to have signed with Chelsea. It’s a moment of pride for me. I want to thank those at RB Leipzig, the club, the fans. It’s been a fantastic four years, you will always be in my heart!

I look forward to next season with my new teammates, my new manager and Chelsea fans. A successful future awaits us! ”, said Timo Werner, for Chelsea’s official website.

64 million euros is Timo Werner’s share, according to transfermarkt.com

34 goals and 13 pase decisive gave Timo Werner in 45 games checked for RB Leipzig this season