In the village of Tkalci near Krapina in the Croatian Zagorje this weekend, a minor driver under the influence of alcohol caused a serious traffic accident. A drunken 14-year-old without an exam was transporting an even more drunken father in the passenger seat. The son had 1.29 per mille of alcohol in his blood.

The minor lost control of the vehicle, which flew off the road due to unadjusted speed. He crashed into discarded reinforcing mesh and a retaining wall along the roadway.

Krapina firefighters had to cut the injured father out of the vehicle’s sheet metal with scissors and pliers. Due to serious injuries, he was transported to the Zabok General Hospital in Bračak. There, they found that his bladder had ruptured, that he had suffered an aortic injury, and that he was heavily intoxicated. The hospital told the Croatian news agency HINA that the injuries suffered by the father were life-threatening, but stabilized his condition.

Police officers have already filed a complaint against the minor driver with the State Attorney’s Office for Minors in Zagreb, and the Center for Social Work will also be involved in the case.