“On Route 4, the Citroen driving in the inner lane brakes, the car behind it blows its horn, then overtakes it through the double closing line, returning and braking in front of the Citroen.” – wrote the creator of the video as a comment for recording.

‘It is particularly sad that the location is a section of road where serious and fatal accidents regularly occur. It is clear that the driver of the Picasso brakes to save the situation, because he sees that what the Audis are doing could even result in a huge mass accident.” – commented on the video on the YouTube channel of the uploading Budapesti Autósok.

The supercharger travels at a speed of 80 km/h, so there was no question of stopping on this section, but the fact is that the small braking of the Picasso seems unnecessary, which the Audis overreacted to a crazy extent.