A crisis the world has never seen

(Friday, 26.06.2020 – overview of the most important topics on the front pages in the Serbian press)
Taipei, June 25, 2020 – a traditional boat-dragon race in Taipei

The coronary epidemic is erupting throughout Serbia. The elections in Sabac were annulled, an attempt at election theft, the SNS claims. Brussels wants to push the United States out of the dialogue, the former KLA leader and Hoti will not go to Washington, Grenel decided to set a new date for talks after consultations with Vučić. Djukanovic is defending the government with tear gas and batons. IMF: A crisis the world has never seen

Nis, June 25, 2020 – city streets full of people during a warm day in Nis

The epidemic is (again) spreading

“The coronary epidemic is erupting throughout Serbia,” they report News. “Kovid – hospitals are being refilled.”

“Maybe we will limit the work of night clubs,” Blic quotes Dr. Darija Kisić Tepavčević about the new measures against the crown.

“At the Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina in Novi Sad, testing for the corona virus was suspended at its own request” Today under the title! “Patients lie on the sidewalk for hours, waiting for the doctor.”

The Serbian Telegraph writes that “Ilija Petković is on a respirator”. He is a well-known football coach and former national football team member.

Beijing, June 25, 2020 – testing for the corona virus in Beijing

Elections in Sabac

“Elections in Sabac annulled” are published by Politika. “Attempted election theft, the SNS claims.”

“Zelenović wants to keep power by force,” the Informer writes. “Out of 100 polling stations, Nebojsa Zelenovic’s controllers signed the minutes at 99 and confirmed that everything was fine. Now they are fabricating irregularities and demanding new elections. “

Tramp i Kosovo

“Indictment Games” is published by Novosti under the headline “Thaci was thawed to undermine the Americans”. News They claim that “Brussels wants to push the United States out of the dialogue, the former KLA leader and Hoti will not go to Washington. After consultations with Vučić, Grenel decided to set a new date for the talks. “

Politika writes about “the withdrawal of Pristina negotiators from the meeting in Washington” under the title “Trump under attack by Brussels and the deep state”. The paper announces that “the Hague indictment is a trap for Kosovo, but also for Serbia.” “The different conceptions of Washington and Berlin regarding the resolution of the Kosovo crisis seriously threaten to jeopardize the continuation of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.”

“Vashimgotm Post claims,” ​​the Informer writes under the headline “Trump is pressuring Shiptars to divide ?!” The indictment against Thaci and Veselji was filed right now in order to prevent the announced negotiations in the White House. “

“The Hague has been collecting evidence for a year, 250 people have testified about the crimes of Veselj and Thaci,” Blic writes. “Due to the indictment, none of the Kosovo leaders is going to Washington, Grenel announced that the meeting will be postponed.”

“Germany’s dirty game, Angela ruined Trump’s negotiations on Kosovo,” the Serbian Telegraph reports. “Germany used its influence to indict Hashim Thaci to stop talks on Kosovo in the United States. The Prime Minister of the so-called state of Kosovo, Avdulah Hoti, canceled his departure, and the initiative of the American president was sabotaged. “

Courier deals with “the background of the cancellation of the dialogue in the White House” under the title “Conflict between the EU and Trump because of Serbia”. The paper states that “the European administration, and above all Germany and France, activated the indictments against Thaci and Veselji in order to undermine the negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina in the USA and return the Balkan delegations to their table, analysts claim.” The tabloid adds that “Vučić’s trip to Washington was postponed”.

“The indictment also applies to the period after 1999,” explains the tabloid Alo under the headline “Thaci killed under the protection of NATO!” The paper quoted former KLA crime prosecutor Clint Williamscon as saying: “It was a brutal attack on almost all Serbs who wanted to stay in Kosovo.”

Brussels, 25.06.2020 – Meeting of the President of the European Council Charles Michel and the Prime Minister of Kosovo Abdullah Hoti

Police defend Montenegrin government

“Djukanovic is defending the government with tear gas and batons,” he writes News.

Footage of the brutal terror against the legally elected leadership of the municipality of Budva, councilors, deputies and citizens, after which protests broke out in several cities in Montenegro, flooded social networks. Beatings of tied citizens, abuse of a young man who claims that an inspector stole his watch, are part of the footage that testifies to the unheard of terror in the Mediterranean capital of Montenegro, and all these videos were surpassed by footage of tearing and activating tear gas in the sports hall of the Mediterranean Sports Center. training of children, reports Novosti

“Milos are beating and arresting in Montenegro,” the Serbian Telegraph reports.

Ćuprija, 25.06.2020 – final exercise of cadets of the Military Academy, Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy and students of the Course for Reserve Officers – “Graduate 2020” at the Military Complex “Pasuljanske livade”

The biggest crisis

“IMF: Crisis the world has never seen” Politika reports. “Eighteen thousand billion dollars of monetary and fiscal stimulus.” “Total debts are higher than in the Second World War. For the first time in history, all regions of the world are in recession at the same time. The West is on its economic knees, while millions of jobs are in the air,” the paper writes about the latest IMF estimates.

Vucici in Moscow

“Where did Andrej Vučić come from at the parade in Moscow?” Danas asks. “It is unknown why the brother of the President of Serbia attended the celebration of Victory Day – Media Advisor to the President, Suzana Vasiljevic did not answer Danas’ question.”

Moscow, June 25, 2020 – Moscow streets ahead of the July 1 vote on constitutional amendments

The arrest of the singer in Australia

All the tabloids write about how the once famous Roman singer was arrested in Australia for theft.