About 360 people, including Toyota employees, are moving to the so-called Woven city, which will be built on 70.8 acres in Susono, Sizuoka Prefecture, Toyota’s former factory site.

The site will be a “living laboratory” where self-propelled vehicles, robots and artificial intelligence devices can be tested in a real environment.

Fuel cells that generate energy from the reaction of solar panels and hydrogen-oxygen provide energy to the city.

A city similar to sci-fi movies is being built at the foot of Fuji 1

The city was designed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, who also designed the new World Trade Center 2 in New York and Google’s headquarters in California.

Buildings will be largely made of wood to minimize the carbon footprint, and homes will use sensory-sensing artificial intelligence to monitor the health of their occupants.

There will be three types of roads running in Woven City: one for automatic devices, one for pedestrians and one for those traveling by personal devices. There will also be an underground road to transport various goods and products.