9 tips and tricks for using the Mapy.cz application, do you know them all?

The Mapy.cz application has transformed from mere navigation to very much during its operation a handy and useful toolwhich brings interesting tips for trips and effectively helps you plan your vacation. Let’s take a look at 9 tips and tricks that will make working with the Mapy.cz application more enjoyable.

Mapy.cz – Cycling & Hiking offline maps

Mapy.cz application and practical travel tools

# 1 Find GPS coordinates

Maps now offer search by keyword, address, or by clicking on a specific location by default. Nevertheless, we can get into a situation where we need to know accurate GPS coordinates and the Mapy.cz application can help us with that. Just follow these steps:

  1. view location, for which we want to find out the coordinates,
  2. on this place hold your finger for a few seconds.

The coordinates are followed appears on the bottom bar as “Position on map”. By clicking on this item, we will get to a more detailed statement, where you just need to click on the relevant data, which will be copied, and then paste them into Messenger or e-mail.

# 2 Tips for trips

Similarly, we can easily display tips for trips and interesting places in the area for the selected place. That may come in handy especially on vacation, where we do not yet have much researched territory.

Tips can be displayed according to the current position even according to the specification of a specific place. If we want to get inspiration for a trip in our current area, we click on the search bar and select the item “Tips for a trip”.

But we can too enter a specific address or city and view interesting places around this destination. These can be easily saved in the itinerary and plan your entire holiday:

  1. enter the address or cities,
  2. click on an item “Tips for a trip” in the bottom bar.

Recommendations are displayed in both cases according to the distance from the selected point, both in the form of a statement and visually on a map. By selecting a specific monument or place, we can learn interesting related information, view images, copy GPS coordinates and view the current weather.

# 3 Determining the altitude profile of the route

When planning a cycling route and hiking, we can use the knowledge of the so-called elevation profile of the route, or information about how long will we go uphill and how long downhill. This can again come in handy, especially on holidays or trips that we take for the first time. We will get information about the altitude profile thanks to the already planned route:

  1. we will find the destination,
  2. click on the item “route” in the bottom bar,
  3. in case we do not start from our current location, we click on the option “edit” and enter the place from where we will start the trip.

At the bottom of the screen immediately we see the length of the route and the time estimate overcoming it. In the case of a bike trip, we can also switch between mountain and road bike. By pulling out the bar, we get to the information about the height profile.

It is displayed via a graph information on the lowest and highest point of the journey, as well as the length of the ascent and descent. If you use this feature in web environment it is still possible to examine the individual positions of the graph in detail.

Mapy.cz application and weather forecast

# 4 Weather forecast for the selected place

Just as we can look at tips for trips in the Mapy.cz application, you can also follow the information about the forecast, which is based on the associated portal Letiště.cz. This is already possible during packaging examine the five-day forecastwhich will facilitate not only the choice of clothing, but also a possible travel plan.

It’s enough in the Mapy.cz application enter a city in the search box or the address of the hotel or other accommodation and click on the bottom bar. Here we will again see the details of the place, links to related sites, GPS coordinates and an item with the current temperature.

Just click on here and the hourly forecast is displayed for the next four days. We get information about temperature, wind and precipitation.

# 5 Weather forecast for the route

For hiking and cyclists, it is also useful to be able to watch the weather forecast on the route. We can find out in advance if rain is not waiting for us on the way or thunderstorms. At the same time, thanks to the display of this expected development, we can choose more suitable clothing.

This function is again conditioned by entering a specific route. In the first step, so enter the destination and start destination, as already described above. Next, click on the displayed information in the bottom bar.

This will give you information about the altitude profile, above which there is the option “Weather on the route”. Here we turn on a we will set the day together with the departure time (can be entered four days in advance). We can also choose what type of weather forecast we are interested in – the development of temperature, precipitation or wind strength. Once we have set it up, click on the “Show on map” button.

Along the way we get it displays bubbles with probable status for a given hour. By zooming in on the map, we can get to the forecast for a specific place. If you use the Mapy.cz web application, this information can be further shared or exported to GPX and KML format.

More tips and tricks for Mapy.cz

# 6 Activity record or tracker

In addition, we can use Mapy.cz for hiking or sports to monitor our activities. We will learn information about time spent, for example, during, distance traveled and average speed.

You can find this option under the menu item in the lower right corner of the Mapy.cz application. Click on “Activities” will start monitoring immediately and at the top of the screen we can track our current statistics.

# 7 Fast distance measurement

The function for can also be a practical helper fast distance measurement by air. If you want to find out the approximate length of the side of the plot or the street, just place two fingers on the map at the same time, while the distance of both points is displayed almost immediately.

measurement as the crow flies

# 8 One-finger zoom

One-finger zooming or zooming double-tap a point on the map is nothing new and probably many of us will not be surprised. Nevertheless, it is advisable to recall this alternative to dragging with two fingers.

# 9 Simplified Real Estate Cadastre

The penultimate tip is simplified an alternative to searching in the Cadastre real estate. With the Mapy.cz application, we can easily find out information about the owner of a given building or land.

The information can be displayed by holding down your finger on the map, at the location of the object and clicking on the item “Position on the map” in the bottom bar. In the other links section you will find “Information about the nearest plots in the Real Estate Cadastre”. We click on this item and then get it information about the owner, the relevant municipality, cadastral area and acreage.

BONUS: web application Mapy.cz and automatic suggestions for cycling or hiking routes

An interesting feature web version of the Mapy.cz application There are suggestions for cycling and hiking trails that can automatically generate a route for cross-country skiing, cycling and hiking based on the selected location:

  1. finding the place around which we want to move,
  2. transition to “Planning” tab
  3. selecting the item “Trip around”,
  4. choice of trip form – cross-country, cycling, walking,
  5. length setting required routes.

Based on these parameters, the web version of the Mapy.cz application prepare a suitable circuit, while we can see a list of monuments and other interesting places in the sidebar, which we will see along the way. The result can be further shared, saved to your account or exported.

Do you have any other tips for using the Mapy.cz application?