70 elderly people in nursing homes died… Symptoms such as high fever and difficulty breathing

An image of an old man picking up something from a pile of garbage in the middle of April 2020 in Kim Jong Sook. /Photo = Daily NK

While North Korea is carrying out projects to send elderly bums over the age of 60, who are wandering across the country, to a nursing home that is a national facility, it has been reported that dozens of elderly people have died of high fever symptoms in some local nursing homes.

Daily NK According to sources inside North Korea on the 2nd, from the end of May to the end of June, a total of 70 elderly people in the capitals of Pyongyang, Gangwon-do, and Hwanghaebuk-do were taken into quarantine in the nursing home for suspected infections such as fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. It was found that he died.

Nursing homes concluded that the elderly had died of bacterial infections such as paratyphoid and typhoid, but the symptoms did not improve even with antibiotics and treatments, and some elderly people even had symptoms of respiratory distress, saying’Is it not because of corona’? It is also said that it did.

According to the actual source, “Paratipus patients recover quickly when they hit one levomichin (levomichin), so they get 12,000~14,000 won of medicine from a pharmacy shopkeeper or pharmacy shop in Dodang or Sidang, and request a central medical institution. He received medicines, but there was no response.” He said, “I didn’t hear penicillin or mysing (mycin) because the elderly were immunized so weakly.”

In particular, the source said, “Elderly bums separated by TB or hepatitis patients could not enter the nursing home and were immediately sent to a hospital specializing in tuberculosis and hepatitis in the metropolitan and metropolitan areas. Those who died there were not included in the number of deaths.” It has been observed that the number of elderly bums who died from various diseases between the months may be higher than known.

As a result, a large number of elderly people died at the same time, and the matter was reported to the Central Party. Accordingly, the central government will criticize and warn the leaders of the provincial and provincial party and People’s Committee responsible for the issue at the end of last month, and pay special attention not to cause further deaths in the event of the 75th anniversary of the foundation on October 10. It is said to have asked.

In addition, the central government provides medical staff, equipment, and drugs to the nursing homes nationwide as well as to the nursing homes where collective deaths occurred, while the national distribution system from the first day of entering the nursing homes to solve the food problem of the elderly rice per day They also ordered the supply of 400g, the source added.

Accordingly, each provincial and provincial party and the People’s Committee are conducting a full-scale examination of the elderly by bringing in medical examination buses from central and provincial medical institutions with the goal of eradicating all the diseases of the elderly bums and setting them up in nursing homes. Passed on.

Nampo Nursing Home
Nampo Nursing Home. /Photo = Labor newspaper capture

Among these, sources reported that the nationwide senior bums resident registration investigation and nursing home admissions projects that were conducted last month are in progress. According to the resident registration, the elderly bums with caregivers take care of their homes, and other elderly people without care are sent to nursing homes but are managed separately by providing quarantine wards for the elderly.

In this regard, this report cited sources, and in accordance with Chairman Kim Jong-un’s’Words of Concern’, the Central Propaganda Propaganda Department organized an organization to send seniors aged 60 or older who had no connection to the provincial, provincial, people’s committees and judicial agencies to nursing homes. He said that he had given orders to proceed with a private business. (▶View related articles: North Korea, Kim Jong-un’s’Worrying Word’ nationwide elderly bum research project)

After this project was raised, residents responded with dissatisfaction with the question,’Is it hard to eat and live, but is it forced to support the elderly’? He said that he would not criticize the parents who were the sons and daughters of the Revolution and gave birth to them and raised them strongly against the Korean people’s excellent filial piety and great customs.

The source said, “The above (authority) can help the children who complained by examining the living conditions of the elderly bums who returned home every week for each group of people in the east or the district and instructing them to take charge of control and control until they got home. He also pointed out that “the reality is that the old people who leave the house shortly after they can’t beat the children’s gambling are wandering the streets again and again.”