6 setbacks to the lava stone massage

A warm lava stone massage is great for relaxing your sore body parts, but if not done properly, it can easily cause both discomfort and injury.

But what dangers can lurk in us during a lava stone massage?

Before listing the dangers, it is good to know that the black basalt stone used in such a lava stone treatment, which placed hot on our bodies to relieve pain, while the white marble placed on us in the cold is meant to reduce swelling.

This method can be traced back to the time of the American natives who various volcanic rocks were used to soothe and relax their bodies. These stones were mostly black basalt stones that easily heated up. In addition to being hot and easily causing injuries to the patient’s skin, they were also quite smoky. They were believed to have had the greatest impact with the stones scattered by the rivers.

This massage, a variation of Swedish massage, during which therapists use hot stones instead of hands to relax body tissues. A few stones are placed on the tense points to achieve the desired effect. The alternation of hot and cold stones allows the skin to be stimulated. It penetrates deep from the stones deep into the tissues, where it works to drive away the pain. A warm stone massage relieves tension and helps to relax tense muscles.

Yet this safe procedure has its drawbacks. Here are some of the disadvantages of lava stone massage.

Scalding, burns

Although most therapists are cautious, however, the pebbles may be too hot, resulting in burns. There are people who are more sensitive to heat than we might think, they belong to the so-called certain skin type. These include those with lighter skin, usually with green or blue eyes, respectively.


Many people experience it unpleasant, abrasive sensation on the skin in the days after treatment. They have more sensitive skin and a low pain threshold. Too much hot stone massage can even lead to abrasions.

Pain, discomfort

Many people report that they face one of the disadvantages of lava stone massage, namely their pain intensifies after the procedure. Stiffness and discomfort are also often reported.

Increased sensitivity to heat

Some are more sensitive to heat than others. They complain of flashes, headaches and dizziness. Lava stone massage is not recommended for menopausal women, who are taking medicines or hormone tablets.

Increased risk of infection

When using lava stone, it comes in close proximity to the skin. The oil used during the lava stone massage can easily cause the skin to peel off. Bacteria can get under the skin during treatment. This is because there is no legal requirement for the salon to change the hot water after each treatment. Even though most bacteria are killed in the high heat of stones and water, the danger is there.


During the lava stone massage, a lot of fluid leaves through the poles of the skin, we can easily dehydrate. Symptoms include dizziness and headache.

Other disadvantages of lava stone massage

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Forgetfulness, dizziness
  • runny nose
  • Heavy sweating

Most people do not look for any injuries they may suffer during such a procedure. Always consult an experienced therapist as an inexperienced hand can cause serious injuries. Always tell your masseuse if you are pregnant, taking medication, have health problems, or have asthma or allergies!