6 S.P. Chor.Chor. Ruam Palang submitted an inquiry to the Interior Minister – innnews

6 MP, Phalang Pracha Rat Party, led by Miss Vattaya Wong-Opasi, MP Miss Khlong Toei-Wattana, Miss Phada Worakananda, S. Khet Ratchathewi-Phaya Thai-Chatuchak, Miss Thanikan Pornpongsarot, S.Suek Bang Sue-Dusit, Nor. S. Thitiphat Chotidecha Chaiyanan MP, Bang Kapi-Wang Thonglang And Mr. Siriphong Rasami, MP, Khet Nong Chok Submitting a question to the Minister of Interior About the impact of high-rise building construction in Bangkok Especially in the legal issues that open up the interpretation For the benefit of any person Or one of the capital groups Including law enforcement issues If there is a construction of a high-rise building that affects the people living in the area Including the consideration of large city plans of government agencies that must present information to the public Because the city planning law is a matter that must be studied and understood And have direct and indirect effects Both in terms of safety in the life and property of the people. Impacts on health, traffic, air pollution, etc., therefore would like to allow the public sector to participate in the consideration of the preparation of city planning laws.

Miss Vattaya said that after the group of 6 MPs received complaints from people in Phayathai and Wattana areas With the problems of the construction of tall buildings in Bangkok Therefore using parliamentary mechanisms to work forward in submitting posts to the Council To allow relevant departments to come and explain the facts in the House of Commons and next week After the discussion, our MPs will continue to monitor the work of Bangkok.