51 Worldwide Classics: A New Look at Old Time Killing Games

Nintendo has launched 51 Worldwide Classics, which gathers old time killing games, which, they claim, are ideal for family evenings, especially if it is raining and no other game is working.

Software that allows card games to be played on modern devices is nothing new, and they are rarely breathtaking platforms. What sets the Nintendo collection apart from others is the sense of detail, which makes games appealing to those who crave analog gaming evenings. The offered games can be easily learned by those who have not played them before through various learning modes.

Among the games found in the collection are old strategy games, such as šah, Shogi i Mancala, and more modern games such as Ludo ili “Four-in-a-row” (Connect Four), and the most popular card games. There are also games like bowling or darts.

Players all games they can play alone, with computer players, and with other human beings who agree to this “adventure”, and through the Switch, which for this occasion turns into various boards, card tables and other necessary surfaces.

Source: SMH