5-year-old boy raises 2600 euros to sell lemonade to help firefighter shot – World

Cooper Wallweber, a 5-year-old boy from the US state of Missouri, is talking after he has set up a stand of solidary lemonade. The child learned of a shooting at a local restaurant that left a fireman injured and wanted to help the woman. He managed to collect more than 2600 euros (3 thousand dollars) to sell lemonade.

According to KMOV 4, little Cooper was “heartbroken” when he heard the story of Arlydia Bufford, who was hit in the shooting and was in critical condition. “She was shot and was very ill and went to the hospital,” the child lamented in an interview.

Cooper got to work and, with the help of his sister, set up a lemonade stand to raise money for the firefighter to pay for medical expenses. The stall was supposed to open only for two hours, but in a short time, the two brothers had an endless line of people who wanted to help.

“Six policemen showed up and then two ambulances and then two fire engines and another series of trucks,” says Cooper’s sister Olivia, who was surprised by the number of people who wanted to help.

The firefighter Cooper helped was hit in a shootout last week. A 28-year-old man fired several times, killing a 46-year-old woman before shooting again and hitting Arlydia, who was with fellow firefighters having dinner after first aid training.