5 outdoor climbing plants, as beautiful as jasmine

Flowered balconies like this year, perhaps in the city we had never seen. Because it’s okay to stay at home, but if nature doesn’t go to Muhammad, Muhammad orders it online or runs to the trusted nurseryman to get potting soil and jasmine, or maybe others outdoor climbing plants, less inflated but equally scenographic.

Per Matteo Foschi, garden designer and founder of the Milanese studio ODD Garden, «The title of queen among the creepers from balcony is contested by two heavyweights, the False Jasmine (Tachelospermum jasminoides) and Wisteria (Wisteria japonica), there are many other species that can safely compete “.

Matteo’s passion for creepers, which has roots in art: «My artistic training and my aesthetics have developed within the world of graffiti, a youthful love that I have carried on all my life and which has helped to give rise to my obsession with these plants. From the interaction between plant and wall to the study of support structures, from blooms to growth times, my research leads me to continuously experiment in order to perfect the cultivation techniques of these species to the maximum ».

We asked him to suggest us some of the outdoor climbing plants that fascinate him most, besides the classic Gelsomino, and which is being used in the most original installations for private individuals and fashion brands, such as the last one created for COS.

5 outdoor climbing plants

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Fake Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides): very rustic plant, it grows in any light condition even if for a conspicuous flowering it needs to receive the direct sun rays.

Famous for its resistance, its tidy and easy to manage hair and its long, fragrant blooms, False jasmine is definitely one of the most common plants on terraces and gardens also thanks to its high adaptability to pot cultivation. It is an evergreen species that flourishes in spring (March – June) and also tackles the harsher winters. It is very afraid of dry shoots.

Glicine (Wisteria japonica): fascinating deciduous tree of great temperament, famous for its spectacular cluster blooms lilac that last a few weeks or even a few days in bad weather. It is a rustic plant, which grows both in the shade and in the sun even if it needs light to better develop the flowering.

If planted in the ground it grows in an important way, it can not stand the pot culture, where it still needs large volumes of land. Its rapid and unstoppable growth makes it the protagonist of wonderful interactions with the buildings where, in the courtyards and on the facades, it develops into grandiose coils that, in some cases, totally envelop the building.

Bignonia (Bignonia capreolata): very rustic deciduous plant that prefers warm climates, even if it bears well the winters of northern Italy. It has one very rapid development in the open ground, but also in pots, with some limitations, it has a good yield. Flowering on pink-orange tones is abundant and lasts from spring to autumn, giving large patches of color thanks to the thick foliage Intense green.

Caprifoglio (Lonicera japonica): extremely rustic evergreen, it adapts easily to any type of display. The base of the plant must be positioned in a sheltered and shaded area, while the abundant and fragrant flowering develops best in direct sunlight. It does not require particular attention even if blows of dry can limit its flowering. It develops very quickly covering large sizes in a short time.

Hardenbergia (Hardenbergia comptoniana): evergreen creeper of Australian origins, it is a very fun plant to grow. It prefers a sunny exposure where it grows easily both in the ground and in pots and develops a rich flowering with intense purple spikes. Easy to grow, it does not fear frost and gives great satisfactions with its rapid and continuous growth.

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