5 Artists Get a Birthday Surprise from the Former, Told to Turn Back!

Suara.com – In this happy moment, it turns out there are a series of artists who were given a surprise by a former girlfriend.

This has also drawn the spotlight by netizens to fans who follow the artist’s love story.

Who is this? Suara.com has been further detailed below:

1. Our – Evelin Tone

We were surprised by Evelin Tone Anjani. (Instagram / @ igtainment)

The couple who often disconnects is indeed not separated from the spotlight. When Aming’s birthday, his ex-wife also had time to give cakes and surprises. Now, the two have separated and are happy with each other’s lives.

2. Rina Nose – Ridwan Feberani Anwar

Rina Nose was given a surprise Ridwan.  (Youtube / Mole)
Rina Nose was given a surprise Ridwan. (Youtube / Mole)

Rina Nose’s relationship with her ex-husband who works as a TV crew is still fine. In fact, when Rina Nose’s ex-birthday gave a surprise too. No wonder at that time many netizens thought they were reconciling.

3. Tamara Bleszynski – Mike Lewis

Tamara Bleszynski.  (Instagram / @ tamarableszynskiofficial)
Tamara Bleszynski. (Instagram / @ tamarableszynskiofficial)

Despite Kenzo’s close separation, Tamara Bleszynski is still close to her ex-husband Mike Lewis. In fact, when Tamara’s birthday Mike Lewis was present and also celebrated.

4. Beautiful Ting Ting – Renaldi

Renaldi Ardiansyah, Ayu Ting Ting's first girlfriend.  (Instagram / @ ardiansyahrenaldi)
Renaldi Ardiansyah, Ayu Ting Ting’s first girlfriend. (Instagram / @ ardiansyahrenaldi)

On her 28th birthday, Ayu Ting Ting got a surprise from her ex-boyfriend in middle school. He was shocked when his first girlfriend came to the program that he brought.

5. Gading Marten – Gisella Anastasia

Surprise moment for Gading Marten's birthday (Instagram @gadiiing)
Surprise moment for Gading Marten’s birthday (Instagram @gadiiing)

This couple still reaps the attention because it’s always compact when caring for the baby, Gempita Nora Marten. When Gempita will give a surprise to her father, Gisella Anastasia accompanied her. In fact, she still gives a kiss to her ex-husband as an expression of affection for the child’s father.