5 Apple patents to prove innovation

How much I have been using Apple technology – and this is almost 10 years old – talk that the company has slipped has never stopped. Even when Steve Jobs took over as CEO, Apple was still criticized. For the lack of video recording for the iPhone 3G, for the antennate for the iPhone 4, for the poor performance of the first MacBook Air, for the poor-quality screen of the iPad 2. In general, there were always plenty of reasons to curse the company’s branded products and accuse its management of incompetence. But Apple still has gunpowder. This is clearly seen in the patents she receives.

Apple is still intonational, and Bank of America can prove it

Analysts at the Bank of America financial holding, in a report to investors, compiled a list of Apple patents that confirm that the company remains the most innovative player in the market. We will not cite all the patents, especially since we have already talked about some of them, so we selected only those that really leave a very pleasant impression.

Modular Apple Watch

The capabilities of Apple Watch, available in the commercial version of the watch, are very limited. This is influenced by several factors at once, the main of which is the lack of approval from US oversight bodies. But it is they who decide whether it is possible to commission the function of measuring oxygen in the blood or taking ECG readings. All this bureaucracy is severely inhibiting the development of the Apple Watch, forcing Apple to postpone the launch of new models with new features. However, the modular design should solve this problem.

Apple Watch’s modular design extends their life

According to a recent patent, Apple is considering using a modular design for the Apple Watch. It will allow the company not to release new watches every year, surprising users with the lack of useful innovations, but to introduce functional modules to the market, which will then be attached to the existing base and expand its capabilities. The user wants to measure oxygen in the blood – buy the appropriate module. In general, everything is simple, logical and, importantly, economically.

Tightening Apple Watch Strap

Like it or not, the Apple Watch is not just a wristwatch, but the most diagnostic gadget. He knows how to measure the pulse, ECG, determine tachycardia, atrial fibrillation and other disorders. But these measurements are not always accurate. Yes, there are situations when the automation fails, but most often the cause of the error that the Apple Watch is making is the incorrect wearing of the watch. After all, someone likes to tighten the strap harder, and someone, on the contrary, relaxes so that the watch hangs like rolexes in new Russians from the 90s.

Tightening the strap will allow more accurate diagnostic measurements.

Apple decided that it could not allow user errors to be extrapolated to its products. Therefore, it was decided to work out a mechanism for automatically tightening the strap at those moments when it is really needed. For example, for accurate heart rate measurements, it is necessary for the heart rate monitor to fit snugly against the wrist. Therefore, if Apple decides to implement this patent, the watch will be able to tighten the strap, and then also relax it. And this is awesome.

The most useful feature of Apple Glass

Apple has talked a lot about augmented reality for a long time, but so far it has not offered users options for using this technology in real life. There were only some minor trifles, such as the Roulette application or the FaceTime gaze correction mode, which seemed to change the direction of the user’s gaze so that it seemed as if it was looking exactly into the camera’s lens, although in reality it wasn’t.

It is not necessary to change the diopter in glasses to improve the vision of distant objects.

But, according to the new patent, Cupertino wants to increase the viewing range of users using augmented reality. The essence of this development is to use the rangefinder cameras to record objects located far in front of the user, and then broadcast it on the screen in front of the user’s eyes. This thing can find application in Apple Glass smart glasses and solve the problem with myopia. That is, Apple will not have to change the diopter in glasses, if you can just watch the video broadcast in real time.

What will be an Apple car

Despite the fact that Apple has not yet introduced its own car, the company is very actively developing technologies that can find application in the Apple Car. One of such developments, identified by Bank of America analysts, was a system of sensors that must be placed throughout the car body. Their purpose is to literally determine the comfort of passengers. Of course, the sensors will not be able to read information from the human brain, but will recognize the degree of convenience in another way.

Comfort sensors in Apple Car will be able to determine the degree of passenger comfort

These sensors will simultaneously track many different factors such as speed, shaking and bumps that the suspension could not swallow. Based on these data, the car will be able to calculate how comfortable it is for passengers to be in the cabin and based on these data to build a traffic pattern. For example, change the route, adjust the speed and change other characteristics. It seems that even Tesla does not know how.

Apple smart ring

Well, in conclusion, I would like to focus on the smart ring. The first patent in which Apple described this gadget dates back to the early 10s. Then the launch of such a device was really hard to believe. Since then, little has changed, since smart rings have not become the norm for the market and are still perceived as something futuristic and unrealizable. Despite this, Apple continues to publish more and more patents that describe the smart ring, leaving a lasting impression that Cupertino is seriously configured to implement this project.

Apple’s smart ring is still surprising

According to the authors of the invention, the smart ring can be used as a control panel for various devices – from televisions to computers and even smartphones. It would seem, what’s the point? But after all, a ring is a gadget that really frees up your hands and allows you to interact with external equipment by gestures scrolling through the wall of the ring. Definitely, this will be a real rethinking of the convenience of managing gadgets. Of course, if Apple decides to release something like that.