1st generation BJ Jin Warren Buffett, found dead in Bucheon apartment… Police to investigate under extreme weight

Internet personal broadcaster (BJ) Jin Warren Buffett (real name Jin Hyun Ki). Video capture of YouTube channel Jin Elon Musk

It was reported that the internet personal broadcaster (BJ) Jin Warren Buffett (real name Jin Hyun Ki) was found dead.

According to the Wonmi Police Station in Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province on the 8th, about 7:10 am on the same day, a complaint was reported that a sound of falling was made while’thumping’ at an apartment complex in the Middle East of Bucheon.

The police, accompanied by 119 paramedics, found the dead Jin on the scene.

A police official said, “I couldn’t find the will on the scene, but it was confirmed that Jin delivered a message in the form of Kakao Talk to one of his acquaintances.”

In fact, Jin left a message to soothe the unfairness of the fans and acquaintances who had been damaged by Mo BJ.

Internet personal broadcaster (BJ) Jin Warren Buffett (real name Jin Hyun Ki) A message released by an acquaintance Youtuber Yangjusan Bandalgom, sent by his deceased during his lifetime (pictured right). Youtube channel Yangju Mountain Bandal Bear video capture

Police suspect Jin was making an extreme choice, while investigating the exact course of the incident.

Jin’s acquaintances YouTubers’LA Report & Muse’,’Judgment Day’, and’Yangju Mountain Bandal Bear’ posted a video notifying him of his death and went on a memorial service.

Yangju Mountain Bandal Bear released a message that he received it from his deceased during his lifetime.

In this message, Jin said, “○○ Oh, I ask for my back.” “I hope that the fans who are victims, acquaintances of older sisters, and brothers will be relieved by letting them be judged by the law.”

He added, “△△△ Brother, please soothe my unfortunate spirit.” “My life is the same here,” he added.

In addition, he said, “I am afraid and afraid of dying, but I want to feel comfortable.” “I am sorry to my family, sister, brother, and fans who trusted me and supported me.”

Furthermore, he said, “I’m sorry.”

In addition, he said, “I just die sooner than you.” “I hope my brother △△△ will have my funeral.”

He continued to ask, “Let’s make fun of my funeral with laughter.”

A’cyber incense burner’ was also installed on YouTube channel to commemorate Jin.

The netizens who came across the news showed a sad feeling by responding to “I was shocking,” “How difficult would you make such a choice”, “I would rather be a’surprise show’?”

Born in 1980, Jin, 40, is a first-generation BJ and has been active on African TV.

Then, in 2012, he was charged with arresting stalking BJ Kim Ive (real name Kim So-jin) and was sentenced to three years in prison and sentenced to imprisonment.

After leaving the company, he changed his nickname from’Jin Warren Buffett’ to’Jin Elon Musk’ and has been working on YouTube.

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