17 billion pounds loan to tradesmen

“(Halkbank Tradesmen Support Package) Approximately 700 thousand tradesmen benefiting from loans used 17.2 billion lira loans,” said Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan.

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan stated that 700 thousand tradesmen benefited from the business loan provided within the framework of the “Tradesmen Support Package” offered by Halkbank to combat the economic effects of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak, and the loan amount reached 17.2 billion liras.

Pekcan, in his statement to AA correspondent, reminded that important supports were provided under the “Economic Stability Shield” package announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan to protect commercial activities from the negative effects of the Kovid-19 outbreak.

In this context, Pekcan referred to the “Tradesman Support Package” offered by Halkbank for tradesmen and craftsmen, “Our 700,000 tradesmen who benefited from Halkbank loans with an annual interest rate of 4.5 percent, with a maturity of up to 36 months, and up to 6 months, received 17.2 billion liras. the 4 billion pounds Turkey Tradesmen and Craftsmen Credit and guarantee Cooperatives Central Union (TESKOMB) was guaranteed by the channel, was credited by 13.2 billion pounds directly to the Bank. ” he spoke.

Pekcan noted that 530 thousand tradesmen benefited from the support of “Paraf Artisaf Card”, which was held with a limit of up to 25 thousand lira, and a term of up to 12 months with a grace period of up to 3 months, and a limit of 10 billion lira was allocated.


Reminding that, in line with the incoming requests, the loan payments of tradesmen in March, April and May were provided for 3 months without interest, Pekcan said, “In this context, we have made a delay of 3.5 billion liras.” said.

Minister Pekcan emphasized that President Erdogan is always with the shopkeepers and pointed out that the demands of the shopkeepers will be listened to the state’s possibilities and they will find solutions together.

Pointing out that they continue their consultation meetings with the video conference method during the Kovid-19 epidemic, Pekcan stated that they had meetings with the chambers of tradesmen and craftsmen, their associations, and listened to their demands, suggestions and complaints.

Pekcan stated that they, as the Ministry of Commerce, are the followers of the tradesmen’s demands, and that they are trying to find solutions to the issues in the Ministry’s mandate, and that other Ministries are following the issues in their duties by reporting to the relevant Ministries.