15 Years Already Dating, Former Love Laura Numbered 8 People

Suara.com – Love Laura apparently has many ex-girlfriends. Even when added together, it reaches eight people.

This was revealed when the woman of German blood was a guest star on the Tonight Show talk show. Cinta Laura answers questions about her ex-girlfriends in the segment truth or dare.

Laura ribbon [Instagram]
Laura ribbon [Instagram]

In this segment Cinta Laura was challenged to say the name of her ex, which is unknown to many people.

“What is the name of your ex that we don’t know,” asked Hesti Purwadinata while guiding the event.

Desta, Vincent, Enzy, and Boyen who happened to be there claimed to be curious about the former Cinta Laura. The average lover is a foreign national. But there is also an ex-girlfriend who is Indonesian.

Hearing that question, Cinta Laura immediately chose truth. He dared to answer his ex-girlfriends because all the girlfriends were ordinary people and were not known to the public.

“I choose truth only, because it’s very easy because nobody is famous, “answered Love.

“David, Arman, Paul, Michael, Hunter, George, Vincent,” said Laura’s love.

Love Laura and Aero Aswar [Instagram/@aeroaswar]
Love Laura and Aero Aswar [Instagram/@aeroaswar]

The number of men who are referred to as incantations make Desta surprised. In fact, Enzy has asked since when Cinta Laura was familiar with the term dating.

“15 years (the first time dating) I started dating. Maybe a total of my former eight people,” said Cinta Penelope.