10 things to throw in the trash right away

Wouldn’t you think that old pancake ovens, years of spices and expired makeup products could make you sick? However, according to a new study, this is exactly the case.

Throw the following items in the trash immediately if you’ve been keeping them for several years – they could pose potential dangers to your health.

1. Dry flowers

Have you kept your beautiful flowers in books in the past? It’s time to get rid of them – especially if you also have a pet – because these perennial flowers emit toxins from themselves.

2. Expired makeup products

Most makeup products expire in the 24th month after opening. They can also cause acne, blackheads, dermatitis, or other allergic reactions, so be sure to throw them in the trash after the expiration date.

3. Reusable dishwashing sponges

Dishwashing sponges should be replaced after each use. Yes, this is serious. According to a new study, there are more harmful bacteria sticking to them than on the toilet bowl, so it’s especially important that you don’t always wipe the plates you eat with the same sponge.

4. Checks, blocks, letters of guarantee

Unless you need them, don’t keep them in your account, but throw them in the trash! This is because special thermal papers are made from an artificial material, BPA, which can also cause diabetes and hormonal disorders.

5. Insect repellents

Last year’s (already well-proven) mosquito repellent spray is sure to come in handy during the big summer mosquito invasion, but experts advise you to buy everything new from them – using them after the expiration date can cause breathing and muscle problems.

6. Old spices

Most people think that spices never spoil – which is big nonsense. A toxic bacterium called salmonella is particularly common in coriander, oregano, basil, and black pepper, so we always throw them in the trash after expiration date.

7. Cheap bijouterie

After a comprehensive test by an American university, it turned out that 56% of jewelry jewelry, which is cheaper than about 1,500 forints, contains harmful toxic substances, and 27% of them rubbed the highest values. If you want to stay healthy, you prefer to buy less but quality jewelry!

8. Old contact lens storage boxes

If you last replaced your contact lens storage box more than a year ago, chances are you will cause yourself some kind of eye infection or inflammation affecting the optic nerves – which is why, always make sure to store your contact lenses in a clean place!

9. Old electronic devices

Are you still guarding your first cell phone and laptop? Do not do it! Research has shown that these outdated ’80s and’ 90s models are full of harmful substances that start to decompose on their own after a while – polluting the air in your home.

10. Reached bras

One bra its maximum wearing time is 8 months – at least according to lingerie experts – because during this time there is so much bacteria and sweat that it can be harmful to our skin even in the face of regular washing.

Photo: 123RF