★Congratulations★ Supporting PD Kim Tae-ho to leave MBC

Producer Tae-ho Kim and Jae-seok Yoo.

“We’ve been eating for a long time…”

The time when PD Kim Tae-ho and Yoo Jae-seok held hands and sang Lee Moon-se’s ‘Girl’ together., we didn’t even dare to think about the end of ‘Infinite Challenge’. That was October 2010. Eight years later, on a Saturday, MBC’s ‘Infinite Challenge’ ended with episode 563 last.

The never ending ‘Budo universe’

However, the ‘Budo Universe’ is still in progress. Even now, many people watch martial arts while eating or before going to sleep. This is because the past martial arts legend broadcasts are constantly uploaded to MBC’s YouTube. The irony is that even these days, when there is so much to see, there are a lot of people who watch Budo. At the center of it are Producers Ho Tae and Kim Tae Ho. (Hotae is the nickname Yoo Jae-suk calls PD Kim Tae-ho) Kim Seong-won, a veteran entertainment writer with 27 years of experience, has evaluated that “Korean entertainment is divided into before and after ‘Budo’.” How many people can argue with this?

Employee ID of Kim Tae-ho PD.

more fun than money

PD Kim Tae-ho, who joined MBC in 2001, announced that he would resign at the end of this year. 20 years of full service. Producer Kim Tae-ho has been rumored to have resigned several times during that time. At one time, there were rumors that a full-length broadcasting station offered 3 billion won. PD Kim in 2012 HankyorehIn an interview with “The amount has been inflated. Wherever I go, I thought about what could replace this joy now. In the end, I thought that I might have offered money because I couldn’t give you such a thing in the final episode.” Considering that ‘money’ is the reason for the turnover of many office workers, PD Kim Tae-ho’s answer is really surprising.

Producer Kim Tae-ho kept MBC despite a large amount of scouting proposals, so the real news of his resignation gives the impression that ‘it’s finally here’. Producer Kim Tae-ho said, “Every week, ‘Infinite ~ Challenge!’ ‘What do you do when you play? Let’s take a picture!’ I have always emphasized novelty, but the thought, ‘What am I trying to change?’ gradually filled my head,” he said.

failure, failure, failure

It’s hard to believe, but Kim Tae-ho, a self-proclaimed ‘entertainment legend’, also had a history of many failures. Like intern reporter Joo Hyun-young of SNL, which is popular these days, there was a time when PD Kim Tae-ho made a mistake without knowing it well.

After joining MBC, PD Kim Tae-ho was in charge of variety shows such as ‘Section TV Entertainment Communication’, ‘Exclamation Point’, and ‘Sunday Sunday Night’, but he did not receive much attention as a director. This is because programs that can be filmed, edited, and broadcast as set are already on the right track. Moreover, there would not have been many options for the rookie PD to do more or less. ‘Mr. Cooking King (2005)’, which PD Kim Tae-ho held all the keys to, ended early. Few people know about this program. Kim PD Interview with Cine21He described that time as “the time to eat garlic and mugwort”.

The resume of PD Kim Tae-ho who appeared in ‘Infinite Challenge’. Martial arts is the only career.

Producer Kim Tae-ho, who endured and endured in a cave-like editing room, met ‘Infinite Challenge’ like fate. Producer Kim Tae-ho decided to take charge of martial arts, which was on the brink of abolition due to the disastrous viewer ratings in 2005. Martial arts members remember that Kim Tae-ho appeared like a savior when everyone left and left, but in fact, Kim PD ‘I took on the dance with the feeling of taking a break to get to know Yoo Jae-suk’has been confided Anyway, Budo and PD Kim Tae-ho met. Producer Kim Tae-ho began to produce martial arts that had neither a format nor an audience rating that had to be followed in a style that had never been seen before.

Birth of ‘Infinite Challenge’

For the first time in the history of Korean entertainment, PD Kim Tae-ho put his own camera on all the performers. It was a choice to revive the characters of the performers, which had to be missed with one camera. Regarding this, PD Kim Tae-ho said, “Noh Hong-cheol’s small talk outdoors is very poetic and creative, but he couldn’t digest it in the full shot. There was a time when they were given one camera unconditionally for entertainment, but I almost got referred to the personnel committee because of the insistence that there should be at least seven unconditionally.”

‘Infinite Challenge’ did not maintain a certain format, and literally took on infinite challenges while digesting items every week. This principle continued until the end of the program, and in an interview in the past, PD Kim Tae-ho emphasized the belief that, “From the position of starting first, we can do the items we did in other programs, but the opposite is not allowed.”

Even while the filming location changed countless times, there was a constant existence. That’s the original laughter. PD Kim Tae-ho said, “I don’t know anything else, but ‘Infinite Challenge’ has to have a high laugh rpm (revolutions per minute).” In front of ‘Happy Sunday-1 Night 2 Days’ or ‘Sunday is good-Family is out’, it flows slowly, and at the end, you can give a smile, but there is a thing that we have to give laughter 2-4 times a minute.”

Even the apple is like a dance

Martial arts members’ apologies.

As its popularity grew, martial arts were often embroiled in controversy. In the 2009 New York special, the members’ poor English skills were on the board, and some viewers raised a problem saying that it was embarrassing to see the members trying to converse with Americans in poor English in the middle of the United States. If you think about it now, you might wonder what the problem is that the members who were born and raised in Korea can’t speak English, but then this became a problem. What was Mudo’s response? Infinite Challenge said, “Are you ignorant? was ignorant Infinite Challenge. I’ll try harder~🎶” and ended the controversy. Was it from this time? The word ‘Mother-in-law’ was coined in the sense of catching up on everything.

Kim Tae-ho, who finally passed the ‘Dong-A Ilbo’

PD Kim Tae-ho is speaking at the production presentation of MBC’s new entertainment program ‘Funding Together’ held at MBC in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 14th. 2019.8.14

The position of the martial arts in MBC was really great, to the extent that when you think of MBC, you think of Infinite Challenge. Some say that martial arts feed MBC. However, even a few years ago, Kim Tae-ho was only a job-preparing student who wanted to join MBC. However, it was a little different from most of the trainees. At the interview with MBC 20 years ago, Kim Tae-ho dyed his hair yellow, had piercings, and was dressed in a semi-suit. After that, PD Kim Tae-ho said, “After joining the company, the vice president, who was the interviewer, said, ‘You, I chose you because you were special.’ “Where do you use the hairdresser?” he said, “I was a little offended by only asking about the style.”

In fact, Kim Tae-ho almost became a reporter, not a producer. Kim Tae-ho, a trainee, finally passed the Dong-A Ilbo before applying to MBC. Kim Tae-ho, who said he didn’t like to write, was bothered by the order to wear a suit on the first day of work, but he eventually told the Dong-A Ilbo HR manager, “I don’t think I’ll be able to go tomorrow.” The person in charge asked, “Why?” whether he did not understand at all, and Kim Tae-ho said, “My heart… I don’t like it,” he replied.

‘Infinite Challenge’ won the grand prize at the ’42nd Korea Broadcasting Awards Ceremony’ held at the MBC Public Hall in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 3rd, and PD Kim Tae-ho is speaking. 2015.9.3

Kim Tae-ho, who has always pursued laughter by choosing pleasure over money and adventure over stability, is leaving MBC after 20 years. Now, it sounds like a new challenge not to be tied down only on Saturday evenings. PD Kim Tae-ho once said this in a lecture in the past as if he had predicted his future.

“I try to find stability when it comes to entertainment programs. I hated it so much. If we keep flapping our wings, even if we reach the sun and burn to death.”

cheering on his wings

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